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                Bird Island Basin (BIB), Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi Bay and Gulf Of Mexico

First sailboard was a BIC Dufor Wing

Mudhole, Fall 1985  

Windsurfing Magazine dubbed the Canal Crawl as windsurfing's weirdest race (above). CCWA members Alissa Meija wrote and Carrie Robertson took the photos for another article (right).  

Virtual trip around the world in 792 days

Links to WindLog details

Windsurfing log

windlog highlights


 Part of first Ezzy quiver here 4.2 Power Wave at BIB

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Worldwinds ad featuring locals, click to view, use back key to return

Photo taken by Dr. Edward Garcia

Seen in San Antonio in February, 1970 and Atlanta November, 1971 decades before this one

Background Information

Native American registered Choctaw tribe member born in Ada, Oklahoma and fortunate to have grown-up and schooled in Corpus Christi, Texas. Surfed locally from it's early start in Texas coast and some in California, Mexico and Brazil from 1964-1985. Also began windsurfing in 1984 just before job transfer inland from 1985-1999. Ironically most windsurfing was while living in Tulsa, Oklahoma other than two years each in Tyler and Houston, Texas. Returned to Corpus Christi, Texas in late 2000 and now sail at Bird Island Basin (BIB) regularly and a few other locations a little.

Started keeping a log of each day windsurfed in March, 2001 to the present with date, time, location, wind, equipment and comments. In addition, GPS mileage, moving average and peak speed information is included for 375 days between May 2004 and December 2007. Several local and others windsurfers also use this windlog, some now living at the Gorge.

The general basis for all windlog entries is a 150# sailor with 4.2-6.2 sails and 85-95 liter boards. After 12 years with nothing over 95l, added a 111 liter board since 2014. The windlog excludes a minimal number of days that were marginal, extremely windy and/or cold. The result is sailing 31.7% of the time based on 1943 logged days from 3/01-12/17. Other averages are summarized below. CARE