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                Bird Island Basin (BIB), Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi Bay and Gulf Of Mexico

What is an average year?

An average year is 113.9 days sailed or 9.5 days a month. There were three years with less than 100 days, 2007, (96 days), 2013 (94 days) and 2016 (82 days) sailed. The best year was 2009 with a total of 163 days sailed or 13.6 days a month.

Which month is the best?

January, February, September and December have the lowest average ranging from 5.0-6.1 days. Consistently May has the highest number of days and in general the summer months May- July have the highest number of days ranging from 10.1-12.0 days. March-July are consistently double digit months ranging from 9.2-12.0 days a month. October through December average 8.5 days a month while January- February average 6.6 days a month.

What sails are used?

From 1998-2006 used Ezzy Infinity and Wave models. Converted to 4.7-5.8 Maui Sails Global and Legend sails in 2007, added a 6.2 in October 2007. from 2009-2014 used Ezzy Wave Panther/Tiger sails exclusively. From 2014 to present using Ezzy Elite and Zeta (start 2017) sails increasing the size range to 4.2-6.4. The overall distribution of sail usage since 2001 is 4.2 (1.6%), 4.7/4.8 (26.3%), 5.2/5.4 (25.4%), 5.8/6.0 (39.9%), 6.1/6.2 (6.2%) and 6.4 (0.6%).

What boards are used?

Used several Seatrend boards but primarily an 8'11" Seatrend ATV until October 2002. Switched to a Naish 95 Enduro from October 2002-April 2005. Replaced the Naish when 75% of the foam core separated after 275 days.

From May 2005-September 2009 used a 2005 JP 91 FSW FWS exclusively, logging 600 days. Eventually all the thin padding wore off and 33% of the foam core separated on the bottom forward of the mast track. That mid-life crisis was finally resolved with a 2009 JP 92 FSW PRO logging 446 days before it developed a soft spot between the foot straps.

Since 2014 used a JP 93 FWP exclusively until adding an older style Fanatic 112 Skate. After 12 years with nothing larger than 95L had forgotton what a difference extra volume can make, enjoyed the increased range so much, upgraded to a JP 111 FWS FSW in 2016.

How fast and how far?

The 375 days between May 2004 and December 2007 which have GPS data produced some more definitive information. Daily maximum speed results in mph were <20 (0%), 20-25 (5.9%), 26-29 (50.9%), 30-34 (41.6%) and 35+ (1.6%). The highest peak speed of 36.1 mph occurred was 8/13/05 but the biggest surprise was in 2007 when there were more days over 30 mph in June-August compared to March-May.

Actual GPS mileage logged totaled 13,040 or an average of 34.8 miles per day. Two years, 2005 and 2006, had over 4,100 miles and the highest month had 720 miles in May 2006. Using the average miles per day and the total days logged results in several milestones. It took 792 days to complete the first virtual trip around the world in navigable waters. The highest estimated annual total miles would be 5,672 miles for 2009. At year end 2017 the total 1,943 days logged represent an estimated 67,616 miles.

What was the longest day?

The longest single day was 6/10/05 with 132 miles, 17.9 mph moving average and a 31.5 mph peak speed completed in 7 hours 23 minutes. Several friends subsequently had longer 152, 155, 162 and 187 mile single day totals.

What was the final result?

A Windsurfing Guide that includes 32 pages of information, GPS tracks and aerial photos for most wind directions at Bird Island Basin (BIB)..

What's in the future?

The exceptional year 2009 was full of milestones that will be difficult to exceed without increasing board/sail size. Plan to continue riding the JP 93L and 111L, stay with Ezzy Elite in smaller sails and the Zeta in largest sails. Also hope to log more GPS tracks (see GPS album in the Photo Gallery) for most wind directions when sailing at other launches.