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                Bird Island Basin (BIB), Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi Bay and Gulf Of Mexico

Archive Photo Gallery

Misc Photos Misc Photos BIB Entrance to the Padre Island National Seashore 179174457 BIB Padre Island National Seashore entry passes, thanks Robert McGonigle 179174447 Windy Prevailing winds have reshaped the largest tree on the island 179730389 BIB Deer in dunes at Bird Island 179174443 BIB Deer are a frequent sight in dunes at Bird Island 179174449 BIB Deer in dunes at Bird Island 179174450 BIB Deer in dunes at Bird Island 179174451 Port Aransas Dickie Neely on a BIC windsurfer 179779143 BIB Windsurfing launch area before current BIB improvements and Worldwinds building 179174453 Worldwinds Operating from storage containers about 2000 179174456 Worldwinds Current water view 179174452 BIB Worldwinds sign post at sunset 179174448 Bird Island Basin Wind flags and poles have to be replaced often thanks to the wind 179730390 Bird Island Basin Another lousy sunset 192526471 Snowball Jumpin' Zach Flash on deck 12/25/04 catching a snowball 190403122 Snow not Couds Aerial photo of historic snowfall (not clouds) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 2004 190403385 Padre Island Sandbar Padre Island between the Gulf of Mexico and Bird Island Basin 191960056 Bollard Brains Photo by Jim Kearns 191960755