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                Bird Island Basin (BIB), Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi Bay and Gulf Of Mexico

Archive Photo Gallery

GPS stuff GPS stuff BIB sandbar 7-9-2010 Sailed half the time without leaving the sandbar and right up to the parking lot 192207282 BIB sandbar 7-9-2010 Sailed other half to SI#2, the South Cabins and SI#3 after wind shifted 192207283 BIB North Basin Wall to wall 192207847 Lagunatics favorites BIB options 192210011 BIB water hazards GPS location of water hazards between SI#1 and SI#2 192210009 BIB Trifecta All south spoil islands, IWC flats and PINS shoreline 192210018 IWC Flats Between SI#3 and the South Cabins 192210012 BIB Spoil Island #6 192210005 BIB South Point 12 mile round trip both ways on PINS shoreline 192210006 BIB Six miles south One round trip tack to SI#6 and back along PINS shoreline 192210017 Bluff's Landing Bob Thompson's user guide for sailing Grassy Point. Thanks Bob. 192207285 Bluff's Landing Tracks for several wind direction, blue track is safe passage south between Pita Island and the spoil islands 192210008 Laguna Shores launches Tracks for several wind directions at Bluff's landing and Laguna Shores, longest track is to BIB 192207848 Laguna Shores, TX Navigating the spoil islands 192207849 Laguna Shores, TX Tracks for several wind directions 192207281 NAS Boat Hole Bob Thompson's user guide for sailing the NAS Boat Hole. Thanks Bob. 192207287 NAS Boat Hole Tracks for several wind directions 192207844 NAS Sunfish Beach NAS to the IWC 192210013 LAC Bay Bonaire, Dutch Antilles 192207286