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                Bird Island Basin (BIB), Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi Bay and Gulf Of Mexico

Archive Photo Gallery

BIB Vintage Photos BIB Vintage Photos BIB cowgirls Vicki Duncan and Tamay Tipton in the shoot Photo by Don Cryer 194372481 BIB cowgirls Vicki Duncan and Tamay Tipton ready to ride Photo by Don Cryer 194372482 BIB cowgirls Vicki Duncan and Tamay Tipton bustin' the wind Photo by Don Cryer 194372480 Aerial view of CC Bay, Port Aransas and Bird Island Basin 194749866 Early Bird Island 20 Years ago at BIB - photo sent by Barry Ritchey, "Those were the good ol' days. Grass to rig on and almost too quiet and uncrowded. Life was simple too, Kathi [holding sail in photo] and I had only one board each and the sails just wrapped about the masts after pulling the battens. On most days, water level was high enough to sail a longboard all the way to shore with the centerboard up." 194750322 194750324 194750325 194750326 194750327 194750328 194750329 Against the Grain Robert McGonigle 194750330 Photo from Don Cryer 200625909