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                Bird Island Basin (BIB), Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi Bay and Gulf Of Mexico

While living in Tulsa from 1988-1993 sailed mostly at Keystone Lake, began using Seatrend and Westwind short boards on regular basis. Moved to Houston, Texas for a couple of years then returned to Tulsa, sailing several other launches at Keystone, Oolagah and Sooner lakes from 1995-1999. 

5.7 Gaastra Slalomfoil 8'6" Westwind

Walnut Creek State Park

Keystone Lake

7.5 Gaastra Slalomfoil 9'5" Seatrend

Keystone Lake

5.0 Neil Pyrde Wave 8'6" Westwind

Washington Irving State Park

Keystone Lake

Oklahoma's Bird Island

Sooner Lake

        Tulsa irregulars 

First Ezzy Quiver 

In 1999 a few Tulsa University students started joining the Tulsa regulars at Sooner Lake. The college guys were in various stages of windsurfing and were kind enough to take these videos from a couple of great days. The full screen view of these still needs some work.

Ezzy 5.4 Bump/Jump Seatrend 8'11" ATV

Ezzy 3.8 PowerWave Westwind 8.6" Custom

Sooner Lake is located just off the Cimmaron Turnpike and I-35 N about 15 miles south of Ponca City.

It is a spillway lake so it never floods and is good on any wind direction. 

Map to preferred launch site at Sooner Lake 

Tulsa has several lakes less than hour away that have more than one launch site: North- Oolagah, East- Ft. Gibson and West- Keystone and Sooner Lakes. I-35 between Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City and Chaney Reservoir in Wichita can often be high wind areas and both have great access,  

Spencer Creek Cove

Oolagah Lake

Allen's Point Bridge (East)

5.0 Neil Pryde Wave 8'6" Westwind

Chaney Reservoir Wichita, Kansas

6.4 Gaastra Slalomfoil 9'5" Seatrend

Lake Hefner Oklahoma City, OK