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                Bird Island Basin (BIB), Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi Bay and Gulf Of Mexico

2001-2015 Windlog Highlights/Summary Statistics 

2016- Lowest year logged ending 33 days below average. Both May and July were double digit months, only July was above average. Sail usage 0 4.2, 23% 4.7, 20% 5.3, 17% 5.7, 39% 6.1.

2015- January- April ended 18 days below average but May-August were double digit months and above average. July had 21 days for the second time. All other months were average and the year ended 10 days below average. First complete year with the Ezzy Elite, really like them best in overpowering conditions and will do the same in 2016. Lowest use of the 4.7 since 2001. Sail usage 8.3% 4.2 (All LWF) 9.3% 4.7 39.8% 5.3 42.6% 6.1. Managed to do nothing about the broken toe.

2014- Colder than normal weather through March with significantly less than average days sailed. April was almost average and May was better than average. June was outstanding, third year for 20 days and ended with 21 days to equal July, 2009 all time high. Started riding a 2014 JP 93 FWP in March and added an older Fanatic 112 Skate in May. Discovered that dislocated toe from last year is actually broken and starting to hurt while in the straps. Switched to Ezzy Elite sails in November adding a 4.2 and 6.1 (rather than 5.8). Sail usage 7.7% 4.2 (All LWF) 29% 4.7 23.7% 5.2/5.3 39.7% 5.8/6.1.

2013- January- April was limited sailing (once a week rather than three times a week) because of open ankle wound. Started using new Ezzy Tigers in March and they are great as usual. Second year logged with fewer than 100 days. sail usage 38% 4.7, 18% 5.2, 36% 5.8 and 5% LWF. Retiring JP 92 FWP after 450 days

2012- First half of year was way below average, July-October were better than average so the year ended about average. Set all time high days sailed in both August and September. Sail usage 36% 4.7, 21% 5.2 and 41% 5.8, all Ezzy Wave Tiger and JP 92 FWP.

2011- January through April was above average, remained double digit until October then below average through December. Sail usage 36% 4.7, 27% 5.2 and 36% 5.8, all Ezzy Wave Panther 3 and JP 92 FWP.

2010- Average year overall, with only July through September slightly below average. All time high number of days sailed in November. Sail usage 36% 4.7, 6% 5.2 and 59% 5.8, all Ezzy Wave Panther 2 and JP 92 FWP.

2009- Best year ever for days sailed ending 15 days higher previous. All time high number of days sailed in February, June, July and August, Three other months were within 2 days of all time highs, seven months of consecutive 15+ days sailed and at 21 days July was the highest days sailed in any month ever. Maui Sail usage 36% 4.7, 21% 5.2 and 43% 5.8 and retiring JP 91 FSW after 600 days.

2008- Second highest year for days sailed. Five consecutive months of 15+ days, at 20 days eack May and June both had all time days sailed. December also set all time days sailed. Sail usage 4% 4.2, 22% 4.7, 20% 5.2 and 54% 5.8, Retired Ezzy 4.2 Power Wave sail.and began using 4.7, 5.3 & 5.8 Maui sails using JP 91 FSW.

2007- Lowest year for number of days sailed and only year with less than 100 days. December was the highest days sailed for the year. Ezzy sail usage 8% 4.7, 25% 5.2 and 67% 5.8 using JP 91 FSW.

2006- Third highest year for days sailed, set all time high in January and March. Sail usage 1% 4.2, 19% 4.7, 37% 5.2 and 44% 5.8 using JP 91 FSW 8'7" .

2005- Just about as average as possible. Ezzy sail usage 1% 4.2, 15% 4.7, 32% 5.2 and 53% 5.8 using 8'7" Naish 95 Enduro slalom

2004- About average overall, one of only two years with only single digit days between June and August. All time high days sailed in October and above average November and December. Ezzy sail usage 19% 4.7, 18% 5.2 and 62% 5.8 using Naish 95 Enduro slalom

2003- Average year overall, all time high days sailed in October. Ezzy sail usage 2% 4.2, 23% 4.7, 32% 5.2 and 43% 5.8 using Seatrend 8'11" ATV and Seatrend 9'7" Accelerator.

2002- Average or above except February and March. Set all time high days sailed in April. Ezzy sail usage 6% 4.2, 35% 4.7, 33% 5.2 and 27% 5.8 using Westwind 8'6" custom, Seatrend 8'11" ATV and Seatrend 9'7" Accelerator.

2001- Began windlog in March and only sailed double digit days in August. Ezzy sail usage 24% 4.7, 44% 5.2 and 33% 5.8, still sailing Westwind 8'6" custom, Seatrend 8'11" ATV and Seatrend 9'7" Accelerator.

2000- Spent 2 months sailing BIB, returned to Tulsa and sailed a limited time in Oklahoma. Sold house and moved back to Corpus Christi in September sailing a limited time at BIB. Still sailing Westwind 8'6" custom, Seatrend 8'11" ATV and Seatrend 9'7" Accelerator, all Ezzy quiver.

1996-1999- Returned to Tulsa, Oklahoma in October and sailed at Keystone, Ft. Gibson, Oolagah and Sooner lakes. Started first Ezzy quiver ranging from 3.7-6.0 Power Wave, Bump/Jump and Infinity sails.

1994-1995- Lived in Houston, Texas sailing week-ends and half days at Texas City dike/levee, Bayclif in Galveston Bay and made occasional trips to sail at BIB. Now sailing Westwind 8'6" custom, Seatrend 8'11" ATV and Seatrend 9'7" Accelerator, sail range 3.8-6.3 Gaastra.

1988-1994- Moved to Tulsa sailing at Keystone and Oolagah lakes. Sailed at least once every month for first five years, now sailing Seatrend 9'4" slalom and Mistral Equipe, sail range 4.5-9.0 North and Gaastra.

1985-1988- Moved to Tyler, Texas sailing at Palestine and Tyler lakes, started using Mistral Malibu and Seatrend 9'4" slalom, sail range 5.1-7.5 North and Gastra.

1984- Started windsurfing in the Fall with a BIC Dufor Wing, tie-on boom and no batten triangle sail. Sailed the Mudhole, BIB and CC bay until job transfer inland.